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1. Payment

Once the trip planning has been completed and its price have been agreed upon by the customer (also referred to as: client, traveler, group, etc.) and McEgas Traveling Services LLC (also referred to as McEgas, McEgas Travel, we, us, etc.) a deposit equal of no less than 40% of the total price of the trip will be required, in order for McEgas Travel to initiate the booking of hotels, transportation, transfers, etc.  In certain cases, this deposit might be up to 60%, depending on how far in advance the trip is planned, costs of the trip and other reasons that McEgas Travel deemed necessary to increase the deposit.  We accept payment via credit card, wire transfer or Zelle Transfer. The balance is due at least 30 days prior to departure. If the booking or reservation is made within 30 days of departure, the entire cost of the trip must be paid at the time of confirmation.

2. Cancellation Policy

In case of a cancellation of a confirmed reservation, the customer(s) will reimburse McEgas Travel for any cancellation fees assessed by other services providers including airlines, trains, coaches/buses, hotels or similar, contracted and paid by McEgas Travel.  Additionally, the customer(s) will re-imburse McEgas Travel for any expense related to the contracted trip incurred between the date of booking and the date of cancellation. 

Cancellations which occur 90 days or more prior to departure will receive full refund minus any expense incurred by McEgas Travel, as described above. Cancellations which occur between 90 and 31 days prior to departure will receive a refund of 50% of the deposit, minus any expense incurred by McEgas Travel, as described above. Cancellations which occur 30 days or less prior to departure will forfeit the full deposit.

3. Insurance

McEgas Travel strongly advises obtaining proper Medical Emergency Travel Insurance (covering injuries and medical expenses while overseas). Additionally, it is recommended to purchase trip cancellation insurance and baggage insurance. McEgas Travel does not provide or sells any of these insurance or services.

Under the terms of this contract, McEgas Traveling Services disclaims any and all liability with respect to client’s lack of proper medical, travel and baggage insurance.

4. Passports and Visas

Passports with at least 6-months validity from the time of departure are required for travel to most destinations served by McEgas Travel. Check with the appropriate consulate or embassy for the latest visa requirements. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain all proper documentation to travel, including but not limited to passport, visas, immunizations, vaccinations, etc. which are required for entry and travel to each country or region included in your contracted trip. McEgas Travel does not provide advice or assistance in obtaining the required travel documents. You hereby agree that McEgas Travel is not responsible for any errors or omissions in this information or documentation or lack thereof.

5. Baggage

Quantity of pieces of luggage, size and weight restrictions may apply on domestic and international flights.  It is your responsibility to verify with the airlines about their baggage policy and fees. Baggage and personal effects are the responsibility of each customer; McEgas Travel is not liable for luggage or personal effects lost, stolen, broken or affected during the duration of the contracted trip. McEgas Travel advises to travel “light”, preferably with one standard size carry-on and one personal item.  Most accommodations booked thru McEgas Travel provide washer/drier to keep your clothing fresh and clean during your trip.

6. Changes

At the request of the customer, McEgas Travel will accept changes to a portion or the totality the planned trip; however, the customer acknowledges that any such request may incur in additional fees or expenses that will be charged to you by McEgas Travel and the customer agrees to pay for those additional charges.

The price agreed upon by the customer and McEgas for a specific trip is based on the then current rates, tariffs, exchange rates and taxes. In case of significant change on any of such components that affect the cost of the planned trip, McEgas Travel will contact the customer to resolve the issue, trying to cause the minimal effect in the cost initially contracted.  These changes in cost include increased costs from service providers associated with your contracted trip.  McEgas Travel also reserves the right to cancel a trip or any part of it, or to make changes to the itinerary as it deems necessary, caused by delays or flight cancellations or events beyond McEgas control. The customer acknowledges that itineraries and pre-arranged sightseeing tours are subject to change at any time due to unforeseen circumstances at the destination, beyond McEgas Travel’s control. Every effort will be made to operate the specific tour as initially planned, but changes might occur after the final itinerary has been issued.

7. Air Transportation

McEgas Travel will not accept any responsibility for mistakes or errors in airfare bookings made by independent third parties. The traveler’s confirmed trip, via e-mail or web, will have detailed tour information about dates and times of the start and end of our services.  It is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure the correct arrival and departure flight information matches the start and end of the tour contracted with McEgas Travel.  Under the direction and request of the customer, McEgas Travel could provide flight booking services with domestic and international airlines and charge the cost of such arrangements to the customer’s account. Should the customer decide to make changes to their flights, once booked, the customer will be responsible for any change fees or tariff fees imposed by the airline.

8. McEgas Travel is not liable for any third-party suppliers services

McEgas Travel makes arrangements with hotels/Air B&B members and others for accommodation services, airlines (at the request of the customer), transfer or coaches/bus operators, excursion operators, tour and local guides, other independent parties, collectively known as “Third Party Suppliers”, to provide its customers with some or all of the activities during your planned trip.  McEgas Travel is not liable and will not assume responsibility for any loss, damage, additional cost or expense, or lack of satisfaction resulting from mistakes, acts of negligence or omission of any Third Party Supplier.

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